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A delightful gift that made my day

I came out of my office today after a meeting and waiting for me was a pretty little box tied up with a bow.  Upon opening it I discovered some of the most delicious looking (and tasting, as I later found out) chocolates around.  No explanation, just the candy and a card from the giver, Rhonda Wheasler, the owner of The Crave Candy & Nuts.  Did this make an impression on me?  You bet!  And you can be assured that the next time I want to make someone feel special I’ll be buying candy wrapped up in a pretty box from The Crave.

I don’t know Rhonda’s intention as she’s an exceptionally nice person and I could see her doing this just to be thoughtful, but it certainly made a lasting impression on me.

Thank you Rhonda.  You made my day.  I hope many Clinton County residents and visitors use your product to make someone feel as special as you did me.

Debbie Stamper, Clinton County Visitors Bureau


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