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A Young Girl’s Favorite Things

I have a niece, Hannah, that is now 8 years old.  She’s been coming up from Louisville, Kentucky, to the Corn Festival since she was a baby.  In fact, she makes sure her parents bring her every year.  Her favorite attraction at the event is the farm animal petting zoo.  She especially loves holding the baby chicks and petting the rest of the barnyard collection.  And there’s usually some puppies for sale so she begins pleading with her mom and dad to buy a puppy to take back to Louisville.

Second on her list of fun things at the Corn Festival is eating one or more ears of roasted corn smothered in butter.  You can just imagine what she looks like after her corn encounter!

Then there’s the “locomotive” made out of barrels that winds around the festival grounds and the child size tractor course. I think about one more year will be about all she wrote for these rides.  You see, Hannah is taller than most young girls her age.

Another of Hannah’s favorites is the many vendors selling their wares.  Her annual purchase is tough as there are so many things to choose from.  We always have to walk the entire festival before she decides what she wants to buy.

When little things create lasting memories, are they really little things?  Hannah would tell you no.  Her moments of pleasure at the Corn Festival have created a lifetime of memories with no signs of stopping …..even for an eight year old.

Written by Debbie Stamper, Clinton County Visitors Bureau




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