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Do you run or walk?

I’ve never been a runner.  Blame it on my mom and dad.  They were both short and I never had to move very fast to keep up with them.  Our family had a bike frenzy, old-fashioned bikes, mini-bikes, you name it, we had it.  When I hit my early 20′s I decided it was time to run.  It looked easy and I was told I would get an adrenaline rush from running.  Not true, at least not when you only run about 50 feet and keel over.  So I took to walking and have been taking walks regularly for years.  It is relaxing except when someone’s dog gets out and tries to plow you over.  But there are the recreational trails that make walking a pleasure.  Many communities have them as does Wilmington, Ohio.  A group has worked diligently for years to make their dream become a reality in our community.  We now have about 5 miles of trails within the city limits.

But back to running, if you are one of the dedicated people who enjoy the sport, there are sponsored runs that take place for people just like you.  We’re having a 5k run/walk on Monday, July 4, beginning at the Municipal Building in Blanchester, in the southern part of Clinton County.  It’s only $10 to register with awards, t-shirts and don’t forget that adrenaline rush.  All proceeds benefit the Jerry’s Kids/MDA and the Blanchester Chamber.   I’ll probably see you there if you decide to run.  Of course, I’ll be walking.  For a registration form, just reply to this article.


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