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Foodies Love Festivals

You know it.  It’s no secret.  Foodies love festivals.  Just think of all the festivals you know about and chances are they are named after a food item.  Clinton County has its own share of festivals that pay homage to something edible.  The first one coming up on June 8-9 is the Banana Split Festival.  Only one in the nation!  Besides all the normal festival food, you can make your own banana split.  Yum!

The fall brings about the Clinton County Corn Festival with ample selections of food items made from corn.  Corn chowder, corn meal pies, roasted ears of corn, corn ice cream and the list goes on and on.

Nearby festivals are held celebrating sauerkraut, strawberries, apples, paw paw’s and much more.

What’s the most unusual food celebrated at a festival you’ve attended?  Are you a foodie?  If so, you’re invited to come by and eat in Clinton County.  Check out our calendar for all our events (  And if there’s no festival, drop in at the farmer’s market for your fresh foodie binge!  I’ll probably see you there :>)

Debbie Stamper, Clinton County Visitors Bureau


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