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Summer Travel Tips

A traveling we will go!

The Memorial Day weekend always signifies the beginning of summer.  What are you planning on doing this summer?  Read on for some travel tips that may help you save money.

Money-Saving Travel Tip #1: Outsmart the airline search engine.

If you are traveling with someone else and you search for two seats, you’ll get the best price that is available for two seats TOGETHER.

That means you might miss out on a cheaper fare because there is only one seat available at an even lower price.

So if you are flying with at least one other person and you don’t mind possibly being split up, you could save some money by looking for one seat at a time—which will give you the cheapest seats available!

Money-Saving Travel Tip #2: Book at the right time to get the lowest fares.

The best days to shop for flights are Tuesday or Wednesday because most airlines announce their airfare sales late Monday or early Tuesday, and the airlines will quickly try to match each other.

The best times to fly for the cheapest fare are very early morning and late evening, which generally are cheaper than during busy periods.

And the best days to fly for the cheapest fare are Tuesdays and Wednesdays because they’re unpopular days to travel, so more seats tend to be available.

Money-Saving Travel Tip #3: Don’t stay in a hotel.

Here's one that has worked wonderfully for us over the years…

If you're traveling with an extended family, another family or another couple, consider checking into a vacation rental rather than a hotel or resort.

Money-Saving Tip #4: Know the tricks of using frequent-flier miles.

If you plan to fly using points from an airline’s frequent-flier program, finding an “award” is getting harder and harder.

Many airlines offer only a small fraction of the seats available for travel to “awards” points.

Don't try just once. If you don’t get the flight you want, call every day to check whether a low-level award seat has become available.

Also, check out, a Web site that constantly checks availability and e-mails you immediately if a flight becomes available.

Finally, an old chestnut, but one that's truer than ever these days—book early!

Seat availability will be even tighter this summer because of all the airline consolidations and flight/route cutbacks.

It's true that there are some great deals available if you have the flexibility to take a chance and book at the last minute when airlines are trying to clear out their inventory of open seats close to the flight date.

But there’s also a good chance that flights will be booked solid—especially to popular vacation destinations. We prefer to have the security of knowing that we'll fly on the date that we want...not being surprised by sold-out flights.



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