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Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat

Do you remember this favorite saying from your childhood when even the little things could make you laugh?  I sure do.  Along with the long anticipated wait for Halloween when I got to dress up in a fantasy outfit and go around the neighborhood.  It was fun.  Unfortunately things have changed so much since I was a child.  Today, you have to go through the collected candy to make sure it’s safe.  It’s not really good for the kids to be out after dark so trick-or-treat usually begins at 6 p.m.  And in some groups the “in” thing is to go to a harvest party instead of enjoying Halloween the old-fashioned way.

I get it, I really do.  I just think it’s sad that traditions must change.  And what about that Christmas merchandise already on the store shelves?  No wonder time goes so fast.  Before we can enjoy one holiday, another has burst on the scene.

I refuse to forego tradition.  This year I plan to have “Dinner with a Ghost” at Snow Hill Country Club, and enjoy the Hometown Holidazzle Illuminated Parade and Festival the day after Thanksgiving.  Then comes the Murphy Christmas Show in early December.  This is what my family does every year and this year will be no exception.

I hope you have some traditions you keep.  If you don’t, come on over to Clinton County and begin new ones with us.

Written by Debbie Stamper, Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau


2 Responses to “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat”

  1. Sarah Newton says:

    Ever since I moved down here in 09 my family & I go to a certain part of Wilmington go trick or treating that away we know they’re safe from cars since most people drive their kids door to door what happen to walking with your kids plus they don’t get much candy which isn’t aloud in my house. We have also picked up the tradition of going to the Holidazzle parade my kids love it & love seeing the lights & of course Santa @ the end of the parade:)

  2. admin says:

    I think we’re lucky to live in a more rural area. It is much safer and traditions still linger. Have a great time trick-or-treating with your kids.

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