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What a sight!

2000 bicyclists will be arriving in Wilmington on Friday as part of the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.  From families to die hard bicyclists, this group of people cross the gamut in age.  I haven’t ridden a bike since I got one for my husband last year and that was just around the block!   I can tell you that I didn’t care for the uncomfortable seat which made its presence known in the short lived ride.

How do these hard core bicyclists ride 50 miles a day?  I envy their perseverance.  For me, I’ll just be working in the Information Booth talking about all the fun things they can do in our city and enjoying seeing a tent camp that look like a rainbow.  I’ll just have to let them ride for me.  Perhaps I’ll get out my husband’s bike tonight and ride around the block or maybe not. :>)




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