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What do the experts say?

"Where are those fall colors?"

You’re probably following the experts’ blogs to find out exactly what day you should  be in the perfect place to see the beautiful fall colors.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but a recent road trip showed me that if I looked right I could see beautiful colors but if I happened to turn my head left at the wrong moment, then all the colors were gone, green in fact.  South could mean more color or sometimes less.  North also turned up some range depending when I looked out the window.  So much for perfect!  Now is a great time to take a drive to Clinton County!  Yes, there are still a few green trees, even a few trees that no longer have any leaves, but most vantages reveal beautiful reds, oranges and golds.  Get out on a country road and let the colors lead you.  Stop at a pull off and eat a picnic lunch.  Spend a few meager dollars on an afternoon that’s literally priceless.  While you are out galivanting around the county, make a point of locating some of the barns on the quilt trail.  Call us to get a self-guided driving tour to all 54 barns (937-382-1965)

So, don’t wait for the experts to tell you when and where to see the beautiful leaves.  Take it from me, a local who loves fall color.

Debbie Stamper, Clinton Countian


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