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Why use a CVB for help in planning an event?

While in the process of planning a conference, meeting or event, have you been utilizing the services of a Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB)?  If not, you’re missing the boat and here’s why.

A Convention & Visitors Bureau is the destination marketing organization for a particular town, city, region or country whose goal is to increase the number of visitors to their area.  And you’ve got it – meetings, conferences and conventions are a major way they can bring in visitors.

The majority of CVB’s do not charge customers (the meeting planner, business traveler and visitors). CVB’s receive their funding through hotel occupancy taxes and sometimes through membership fees from local businesses.

The CVB can become an extension of your planning team, assisting you with accommodations, catering, conference site selection, transportation issues and more.  They are unbiased, providing you with everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision.  It’s a one stop shop.  By saving time and energy, the CVB’s services are an incredible money saver.

While the CVB cannot plan your conference, meeting or event, they will make suggestions and recommendations.  They want you to succeed and for your clients to leave wanting to return at another time.

So, why not call the CVB in the destination where you are considering holding your event.  You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Debbie Stamper, Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Would you have known about this venue without a CVB?


One Response to “Why use a CVB for help in planning an event?”

  1. Ron Bower says:

    Well said Debbie. CVB’s are here to help promote our communities destinations and attractions. We want nothing more than to raise awareness throughout surrounding towns, states, and even nation-wide. Destinations should use us to help gain visitors, and out of town guests should feel free to contact us anytime to ask for suggestions to stay, eat, and play. we may even have packages available. So I agree, use your local CVB in every possible way. You will only reap the rewards!

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