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    10 Delicious Dishes To Devour At The Original Banana Split Festival

    What will be yummy in your tummy at the Banana Split Festival? 

    The banana split is, spoons down, the 3-scoop winner, but this list is sure to make your mouth water! Yes, we want to entice you to make your way to the Banana Split Festival... :)

    Banana Split Festival - Ohio


    Before we dig in, you will want to know that the banana split was first made in Wilmington, Ohio at Hazard's Drug Store in 1907.

    While a town in Pennsylvania claims they invented it three years earlier,it's a claim Wilmington refuses to accept. So much so, that Wilmington, Ohio hosts  the original Banana Split Festival every year, the second weekend of June.

    We know goodies and treats are the way to your heart, and the Banana Split Festival makes it easy for foodies to relax and enjoy, or meander through some festive fun!  Look forward to:

    Live music

    Cruise-in & Car show

    Pony rides

    Games & Inflatables

    Crafts & Collectibles

    Banana Split Festival Baseball Tournament


    Banana Split Eating Contest

    Make-Your-Own Banana Split Shoppe


    And, yes, the delicious festival food dishes! Spoons ready?  Lets count them down...


    10 Delicious Dishes To Devour At The Original Banana Split Festival


    10. Damon's Pulled Pork & Generations Pizza

    Local cuisine on your festival plate.  Included here, because if you miss them at the Banana Split Festival, you can catch them at their locations in Wilmington, Ohio.  Fabulous food from two community leaders.


    9. Kettle Corn

    Not a food dish, per say, but this is a booth festival-goers can't wait to get to!  While the kettle is hot, it is fun to watch the process of the corn being made.  Always a favorite, the festival committee works with kettle corn artisans so you are sure to be first in line next year.


    8. Grilled Brats 

    A delicious festival food with options!  Grab a brat on your stroll en route to the car show or concert shell or load 'em up with sauerkraut and other fixings, and sit at a picnic table for a rest.


    7. Home Brew Root Beer

    Craft brew. Handmade. Homegrown.  Home brew.  All the craze these days!  And you need something to go with your meals and snacks, right?  Our Banana Split Festival is fortunate to offer a frosty beverage everyone can love.  Keep your eye out for a scoop of vanilla ice cream...


    6. Texas Wet Burrito

    We would rate this one higher if it was more mobile, but you pretty much have to grab a table and eat with a fork.  You'll be glad you did though!

    TIP: Save this indulgence for the evening when you can sit at a table near the concert shell and enjoy during a concert.


    5. Italian Sausage

    Another favorite for foodies that like options!  Take one on the go, or grab a few to enjoy with friends in the stands during a baseball game.  Clever spectators might mix and match with pizza or other fun choices, family style, to share at a table.


    4. Deep Fried Pickles 

    We recommend this one along side one of the other tasty options on this list, or as a quick snack in between concerts, games or children's activities.  Or, take some to go.

    TIP: Try before or after your banana split.  ;)


    3. Bone-In Pork Chop Sandwich 

    Yes, a pork chop sandwich.  It's creative, fun, yet keeping it classy.  Definitely grab a seat for this one.  A good evening choice, perhaps with some deep friend pickles...?  You choose, and don't forget dessert!


    2. Tacorito

    Hang on to your Sombrero, because these can be addictive!  Imagine your favorite taco ingredients in an elephant ear style wrap, and a perfect special sauce.  These were once on a menu in a restaurant in Wilmington, Ohio, so if there's a line, it IS worth the wait.  Too bad the festival does not go through Tuesday, eh? 

    TIP: Tacoritos make a great snack back at home or your hotel room.


    1. Banana Split

    Well, of course - We're talking about the original Banana Split Festival! There are two ways to enjoy a delicious banana split at the festival in Wilmington, Ohio... The first is by far the most popular: The make-your-own Sundae Shoppe.  Overlooking the Denver-Williams Park pond, they scoop the ice cream, and you choose your toppings.  So, you get a customized treat made by you, just for you!

    TIP: Banana Splits look great on Instagram.  Use the tags #VisitClintonCounty and #bananasplitfestival so we can see and share your sweet masterpiece!


    Are you up for a challenge?  Then you will want to enter the Banana Split Eating Contest!  Usually at 4:00pm at the park pavilion, there are three age divisions so you are with your peers.

    Banana Split Festival Latrobe PA offers banana cream pie for their contestants.  Banana Split Festival Wilmington, Ohio stays authentic with the original banana split.  No spoons, but a ton of fun! 


    But Wait, There's More!

    From the beginning, and for the Banana Split Festival 2016 and beyond, the festival committee works year round to create a fun, safe, and family-friendly atmosphere that people of all ages can enjoy.  There is something for everyone - From the live music, to the games and rides, and the marketplace and car show.

    We did not mention your favorite food on the list above?

    To tantalize your taste buds at the Banana Split Festival:

    Philly Steak, nacho salad, deep friend veggies, funnel cakes & elephant ears, cotton candy, shredded beef, burgers & fries, corn dogs, BLTs, and pork tenderloin - That's just scratching the surface.


    Think you might get thirsty too? Also find:

    Iced tea, soft drinks, bottled water, lemon shake-ups, raspberry slush, and frozen lemonade. 


    Banana Split Festival Visitors Kit

    Reserve your room: Stay

    Get updates during the festival: Facebook 

    Get the exact schedule of events and see videos of past festivals: Banana Split Festival Wilmington, Ohio website

    See you there? :)