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    Be an Explorer in Clinton County in Southwest Ohio

    I thought I knew all there was to know about cool places to visit in Clinton County, but I was wrong!  A dedicated community activist in Blanchester, Richard Braley, told me about a covered bridge in the southeast corner of Clinton County that connects two counties - ours and Highland County.  The 120 foot Lynchburg Bridge spans the East Fork of the Little Miami River.  I had been told about this bridge in my early days at the Visitors Bureau, but apparently at that time it was in disrepair. 

    So, armed with this information from Richard it was time for a road trip.  I made my way to the Lynchburg Covered Bridge (I found it easily by putting "Pearl St., Lynchburg, Ohio" in my GPS), and was so pleasantly surprised.  It was lovely!  I quickly learned by signage that the bridge was rededicated in 2005 after undergoing quite a renovation.   Thus, the old,broken down bridge I had been told about no longer existed.

    It's important to know that you can't drive across the bridge, walking only, and there is just a small pullover on the side of the road with a guard rail crossing the "road" that goes across the bridge.  So you park on the pull-off and take a stroll across the bridge.  You can't help but be taken back in time.

    Structurally the bridge has a Long Truss and was built in 1870 with a tin roof and natural wood siding.  The Long Truss design has a series of giant "X's" that make up the sides.  It was designed by Stephen H. Long.

    The bridge site has a park area to enjoy while you're visiting.  Now Clinton County can boast of having the Martinsville Covered Bridge and sharing the Lynchburg Covered Bridge with their namesake and Clinton County.

    Thanks Lynchburg for preserving this lovely bridge.  Your dedication is much appreciated. 

    See 'ya at the bridge!