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    Five Fabulous Midwest Travel Ideas For Common Interest Groups

    Considering midwest travel ideas for your group excursion?  

    Clinton County in Southwest Ohio is getting more and more attention among places to vacation in the midwest.  And, of all midwest vacation ideas, Clinton County, Ohio caters well to common interest groups!

    One very big reason for that: Clinton County, Ohio is within a day's drive of 60% of the US population.  

    That means whether you are en route to relatives, looking for a quick, inexpensive midwest vacation for your group, or you and your friends are looking to visit attractions in multiple cities, we should be on your map of places to vacation in the midwest.

    Pull up a map, and you will find us within 60 minutes of Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus.  Set your sights a little further out, and Toledo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Detroit are all midwest travel friendly to our location.

    In this article you will discover Clinton County in Southwest Ohio is an optimal destination for: 

    • Families scattered across the country 
    • Girlfriend and Guyfriend groups
    • Grandparents traveling with grandchildren 
    • Veterans that have served together

    Lets uncover the opportunities that have already gotten rave reviews together, shall we?

    Five Fabulous Midwest Travel Ideas For Common Interest Groups

    Keep in mind, some of the attractions and venues listed below could easily serve more than one of these categories...

    Family Reunions 

    Looking for midwest travel ideas for families to spend time together? We've got you covered!  Regardless of the size of your family, Clinton County's accommodation choices offer something for everyone:

    • Tent camping or cabins
    • Book a small inn or bed & breakfast 
    • Block a set of rooms at a hotel
    • Make our convention center your home base

    All are possible!

    Make your family reunion something they'll talk about for years with unique experiences:  

    Those ideas just for starters! 

    Multi-generational Trips 

    Grandparents traveling with grandchildren will find Clinton County, Ohio one of the friendliest family vacation spots in the midwest.  Whether you stay in a tent, cabin, or hotel, there are many choices to keep kids entertained.

    Paramount's Kings Island amusement park and The Beach Water Park are just around the corner, as well as popular museums and major league sports teams.

    Kids also love visiting the Alpacas, playing Adventure Golf, and eating banana splits at our annual Banana Split Festival every June.

    Girlfriend Getaways 

    Go Girlfriend!  

    More and more ladies groups are choosing Clinton County, Ohio for their girlfriend getaways.  They come wearing bachellorette tiaras and even red hats, but they're having a great time!

    Often, we see them discovering the small town charm of Wilmington, Ohio.  Also: 

    And that's just the beginning...

    Whether you and your girlfriends want to go all out on the town or just put your feet up with a lovely beverage and chat, you can plan one of the best midwest vacations ever!

    Guys on the Go

    There is such a thing as "Men Getaways?"  Yes, siree!

    They arrive on Harleys, Hummers, and even classic cars.

    Clinton County does have several opportunities to enjoy motorsports: 

    • Solo Racing events
    • ECTA High Speed Racing events
    • Four-wheeling on the various local trails
    • Dirty Country Motor Sports 
    • Tractor Pulls & Truck Pulls at the Fairgrounds 

    But if that's not your style, try: 

    • Hunting at Cherrybend Pheasant Farm 
    • Golfing at Snow Hill Country Club, Majestic Springs, or the Elks Club
    • Fishing at Ole Super K Fishing Lakes  

    As well as gun and other trade shows at the Roberts Convention Center.

    Military Reunions

    Whether you served here at the old military base in Wilmington, Ohio, at nearby Wright Patterson Air Force Base, or elsewhere in the United States or abroad, citizens of Clinton County, Ohio are passionate about honoring our veterans.  That makes our location perfect for a military reunion!

    Favorite activities for military groups:

    From there it is just a matter of where to stay and what to eat.

    Organizing Midwest Travel Ideas

    Of course, our yearly festivals are always a terrific choice to plan around, and our parks are beautiful all year long!

    It's a matter of hospitality.  The Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau is located in Wilmington, Ohio, and we're here to help.  We can work with affinity groups to build itineraries in Clinton County, Ohio as well as venturing out to neighboring cities.  

    Simply contact us to talk about your midwest travel ideas and to get started planning your upcoming group excusion.