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    Geocaching in Snow – southwest Ohio in Clinton County

    Can you believe it?  March is here!  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean the cold weather is immediately gone, but it’s definitely a sign of better things to come!   Did you get out this winter?  I hope you did.   The doctors tell us we need vitamin D which comes from the sun (even if it is only 0 degrees outside).Speaking of being outside, I was introduced to the world of geocaching last year when we unveiled our Clinton County Barn Quilt Geotrail.  I was simply amazed at the passion geocachers have for their sport.  What has amazed me even more is that this passion carries over year round.  I see the comments when someone logs in a find on our Trail and it has been a rude awakening to discover that geocaching goes on even in a big snowfall!  If you partake in geocaching, does the weather prohibit you from looking for caches?  What about really cold weather?


    Of course, most of the time you are in your car traveling to the coordinates of the cache so perhaps it can be labeled as a winter sport.  What do you think?


    If you are a die hard geocacher, share your thoughts with me and come and  check out our 32 cache Trail.  Open year round!!

    Debbie Stamper, Executive Director, Clinton County Convention & Visitors Bureau