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    Go Shopping In The Country!

    It isn’t uncommon for entrepreneurs in rural communities to take up shop on their own property.  Not only does this practice keep overhead costs to a minimum, but more importantly, home-based businesses have the freedom to let their imaginations run wild.  You’ll find an abundance of originality in their products.  In Clinton County there are several unique home-based shopping opportunities just waiting for you.  You’ll find them out in the country, tucked away behind a barn, or in an outbuilding, or perhaps you’ll be invited right into the house.  Whatever the case, the next time you pass a home-based business, why not stop in and check it out.  I recently stopped in at Rose Mary’s Antiques, and it was a great experience.

    If you have ever traveled on St. Rte. 73, just past Caesar Creek Flea Market, you may have seen the shingle hung out in front of a neat brick home just calling to you to check out the barn in the back.  It’s a small, quaint building that houses a very special country shop at 8611 S.R. 73 W.

    As soon as you step through the door, you are enveloped by the smells of “times gone by” with the contents leaning towards primitive and rustic – a myriad of special treasures.   It’s a warm, inviting shop filled to the brim with hundreds of items.  You’ll find furniture, glassware, textiles, unique wood items, jewelry and everything in between.  The selection is so vast, that your eyes can hardly take it all in!  While tried and true country selections are found at Rose Mary’s, you’ll also find a flare for originality. 

    Make a trip to St. Rte. 73 and check out this special shop.  And remember – nobody said you have to give away what you buy!  Take something home for yourself and E N J O Y!  I know I did!!